Friday, January 28, 2011

No boundary change this year says Superintendent Smith's recommendation

By now you may have read the Facebook AlamedaPDX page with information, and the Willamette Week article online, and the Portland Tribune article online (24 minutes ago), that Superintendent Carole Smith recommended that no boundary change will be made this year, but instead several temporary changes would be made to ease crowding at Alameda School and try to boost enrollment at Sabin School. Alameda Students who wish to attend a less crowded school are offered a guaranteed place at Sabin.

Scott Rider, ANA chair, urges neighbors to bear in mind the Superintendent’s recommendation to the School Board means more work ahead for Alameda volunteers and that the teachers, students and their families at Alameda will bear the burden of crowding there.

A school board committee will review the Superintendent’s recommendation at a meeting on Thursday, Feb. 3rd , and the entire school board will vote on the recommendation Feb. 7th. We believe the board is likely to vote in favor of the recommendation, but perhaps we should all wait and see. After all, most observers felt certain the BAC recommendation would be affirmed without question by the Superintendent. The final vote is that of the PPS Board. Then we can plan for the year. Meanwhile a gentle reminder: this was not a sports event, and there really is no “winning side,” only one hard choice instead of another.

A thank you email or letter to the Superintendent would be appropriate if you believe her decision was an appropriate one, and one to the PPS Board if, as expected, they concur.

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