Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new group of Alameda neighbors seek allies on the Alameda-Sabin schools issue

Newly up:  with email contacts at: and .

Here's what they say for themselves:
We are a group of parents and homeowners who live in the Alameda neighborhood of NE Portland who have been adversely affected by the recent Portland Public Schools proposal to change the Alameda school neighborhood boundary. Most of us have only recently become aware of this plan to gut the core of our historical Alameda neighborhood. Both of the current proposed "options" being pushed by PPS have been derived without any significant neighborhood input. Both of these plans deprive a large number of households in the core of our neighborhood, that have invariably sent their children to the Alameda school for nearly a hundred years, of the opportunity to do so in the future. A large portion of residents in our neighborhood remain unaware of this plan due to the woefully inadequate outreach by Portland Public Schools. This site has been created in an effort to inform our neighbors and to galvanize them into action.  Please come join us, gen involved and make your voice be heard.

Max lives at 3910 NE 28th Ave and Vivek lives at 2743 NE Dunckley St.

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