Thursday, January 13, 2011

Neighbors prepare for meeting at Beaumont Thurs. 6-8pm

Email threads among the Alameda parents has been extremely heavy. There's still a strong concern that the "orange" and "blue" options are both inadequate. There's also recognition that it's important to participate in the discussions because otherwise the PPS leadership will say they were met by an obstinate group opposed to all change. Several writers pointed out that Sabin is a good school, and that this fuss is not about sending kids to Sabin, but resolving the overcrowding at Alameda. The exchanges also still reflect dismay that the process is grinding along on demographic data that is unreliably stale.

This Blog will, of course, be stale too, by the time anyone can read it, because the ANA did not have its resources up and running to report and comment in a timely way. (Perhaps we should not criticize the PPS too much on this score.)  It seems everyone is hoping the direction all this is heading will be clearer after tonight's meeting. We'll see.

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