Monday, January 17, 2011

Alameda Neighbors consider PPS proposed boundary issue

Hi! I'm George Ivan Smith, communication chair of the Alameda Neighborhood Association. I created this blog to provide the association another way to communicate more frequently than our quarterly newsletter. I invite comments, feeback, reliable information, corrections, etc.

Currently there is considerable interest in the proposal by PPS to redraw the boundary between Alameda and Sabin schools. Neighbors have expressed their views more than 90 times recently on Facebook page Alameda PDX. After a glacial response by the school district to requests for information, finally statistics, descriptions, and many graphs and charts were posted on the PPS website, and eventually some on the Alameda School website. Meanwhile, ANA used door-to-door fliers to increase the number of neighbors who knew about the proposals.

Some neighbors have set up a website, on which they propose to post information related to the issue.

Tonight, 6:30 to 8:30 the NECN (Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, of which Alameda is a member) has a meeting of their SALT (Safety and Livability Team) at the center, 4815 NE 7th Avenue Portland 97211. Visitors are welcome. The team will hear a report from the Portland Police, a presentation from the Audubon Society on coyotes in NE neighborhoods, and--about 7:30--will consider the Alameda-Sabin-Beaumont schools and boundary issue(s).

For those who Twitter: I have "AlamedaPortland" set up, and hope to have it actively tweeting soon. Expert advice welcome.

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